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Men Of The Mountain

New Hampshire's Grandest Gifts to the world. Great Men, Beautiful Landscapes, Wonderful Water, this ad shows the portraits of Daniel Webster, General John Stark and Horace Greeley along with the Old Man of the Mountains profile. Poets sing of her "cloud-capped granite hills," her placid lakes and winding rivers.

All the world is sounding the praises of sparkling Londonderry Lithia Water.

"Londonderry" tastes the best, is pure; and, unlike the others, will keep us all right. It must be the best.

His, Christmas Stocking

For His Christmas Stocking. A highly detailed image with a case of water near the holiday hearth printed in December of 1906. A bottle of "Londonderry" - your best wishes for health and happiness and a reference to the case which it represents. HIS favorite wine or liquor, when diluted with this purest and most absorbent of waters will be made more delicious and rendered less harmful.

Then here's to the health and happiness in sparkling "Londonderry."

Uncle Sam

I am an American! My home the Granite Hills! Known in all quarters of the world as Sparkling, .. ..Delicious Londonderry. All the swell clubs, hotels, and haut ton everywhere pronounce me THE BEST IN THE WORLD. The patriotic image illustrated by C. J. Peters and Son of Boston proclaims "Thousands of the most eminent physicians are my warmest friends, because I have a secret power to control many diseases, given me by nature, and which cannot be imitated by man.

Found anywhere and represented by Selling Agents in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

Back To Town

The migration to town after a healthful and enjoyable outing at seashore or mountains is not without pleasurable anticipations. You can almost hear the clear illustration with its steam engine pulling into the station an e business traveler exclaiming "Its absolute purity, together with its great absorbent properties, make it a valuable adjunct of good living.

Its pleasure-giving, healthful properties are well known to those who make a study of how to get the most and best out of every-day life, whether at home or abroad.

This is a sample of the turn of the century "Train Station" advertisement for Londonderry Lithia Water Co. in a Londonderry home.
1896 Ailments

A very detailed advertisement claiming Londonderry Lithia Spring Water having a record of cures, including; rheumatic, uric acid, Gravel, Dyspepsia, acid stomach, Indigestion, Heart Disease, Bright's Disease, Insomnia, Nervous Prostration, and Insanity. Every hotel and club in America uses Sparkling "Londonderry" It has also been in daily use in every hospital in the land for many years,

Hundreds of testimonials from the most eminent American physicians is available to be mailed free.

Anywhere, Anytime

People have reason to be self-satisfied who drink Londonderry at home at their Hotels or Clubs and when Traveling. Four fine engravings on a turn of the century background. At home showing a lively game of bridge with the children looking on. At the hotel with the gentlemen placing the dinner order. While smoking at the Private Club. On every table with black waiters in a most likely private rail car.

Look for it on the wine list and accept no substitutes. Sold by all Grocers, Druggists and Wine Merchants.

Power of Science

Apparently the image from Review of Reviews, November 1896 shows a Doctor explaining the ability for Londonderry Lithia Water to cure Gout to his portly patient. Science and a century of constant use have demonstrated its wonderful power to dissolve and expel uric acid, that poisonous product of high living. Endorsed and prescribed by leading physicians all over the land, and used in enormous quantities by every hospital in America in the treatment of Rheumatism, Gout, Dyspepsia, Gravel, Bright's and all Kidney Diseases.

Instructions; Take up to 10 glasses a day to exclusion of other drinks, for best effect take one half hour before dinning.

Health And Hospitality

Harper's Magazine Advertiser in November of 1897 "The synonym of all there is in an elegant sparkling Table Water. Purity and general requisites, and these have made this water the favorite at all leading hotels, clubs, and homes, as well as in all the hospitals in the land. Its universal use is the strongest testimony to its high quality. Four fine engravings; The favorite at every club in America. Leading hotels all sell Londonderry. Prescribed by the best Physicians in the land, every day in the year. Considered by the best families the greatest table water in the world.

Notwithstanding the advance in the price of foreign waters, p962|s on Londonderry will remain the same.

The Waltz

Hail, Fair Londonderry! A full page illustration from 1897. A rather risqué image for the turn of the century featuring a young lady atop the one quart spring water bottle. One dozen gentlemen young and old raise their glass to toast the product while riding around in fine glasses. Check the history of Londonderry Lithia Water and the legend of the Indian's dance at the spring.

McClure's Magazine was one of many that the Londonderry Lithia Spring Water Company marketed in.

Doctor's Choice

Two Scientific Men, eminent authorities at the turn of the Century provide detailed recommendations. "When a patient comes to me with any of the following symptoms, I immediately look for uric acid, and generally find it in sufficient quantities to cause the trouble: Intense headache, pain, tired feeling in the back, goneness, fullness, blind staggers" For the full text of this impeccable ad see our "Cures Page".

Still or Sparkling Londonderry for sale everywhere. Look out for worthless imitations

Dinner Party

Londonderry is found on every well appointed table. It is June of 1900; your table is set with the finest linen (most likely Londonderry Linen!) and the Sunday china. Fresh fruits and flowers adorn the table in preparation for the guests. This full-page illustration looks remarkable mated and framed in any of our color selections to match the décor in your fine home. This like all of our images show over 100 years of age, no two are alike.

The world knows Londonderry New Hampshire from a simple spring along what is now Route 102.

End of an Era

From earthen jugs of 1882, turn of the century branded corks, to a modern 1920 crimped bottle caps, a "new method of sealing that guarantees its wholesomeness always". This modern ad was one of the last to atoll the benefits of Londonderry's natural resource. Shortly after this was published the government determined the claims were not true.

The Safe Table Water. Protects Health, Satisfies Thirst, Aids Digestion.

Bottling Factory

This 1912 10 by 14 inch print is carefully restored, matted to 16 by 20 and available in your choice of frame. The Londonderry Lithia Spring Water factory, Located in Nashua New Hampshire, is prominent in the image with railways to the world and a single hitch at the factory. The actual spring in Londonderry with horse, wagon and a load of water is inset in the lower right hand corner.

"Healing Water to the World" came from land located near Route 102 and High Range road in Londonderry, New Hampshire for over 38 years.

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